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Art & Design​​​​​​​

Art and Design at Great Bridge Primary School

At Great Bridge Primary School, we recognise that art contributes significantly to the overall development of our pupils. We firmly believe that art is a vital component of a well-rounded education, helping nurture children’s imaginations, critical thinking skills, and cultural awareness. Our aim is to inspire a love for art in our pupils, enabling them to confidently explore and appreciate various art forms through drawing, painting and sculpture.

In line with the National Curriculum, our art and design curriculum focusses on four key areas that ensure our pupils develop a holistic understanding and appreciation for art, while also equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to explore, experiment, and create their own unique works of art.

These key areas are:

  • Knowledge: Our aim is to provide our pupils with a sound understanding of art. This will include studying the works of influential and diverse artists, as well as developing their vocabulary specific to the subject.
  • Skills: Pupils will be taught a progressive range of skills in art, which are structured around three main threads: drawing, painting, and sculpting. As they progress through school, our pupils will enhance and refine these skills.
  • Creativity: We strongly believe in nurturing our pupils' creativity by offering them opportunities for self-expression. We encourage them to have a degree of autonomy in their final art pieces, allowing them to choose the mediums they wish to use.
  • Evaluation: Regular verbal feedback from our dedicated staff and peers is an integral part of our curriculum. This feedback not only recognises the strengths of our pupils' work, but also provides constructive guidance on specific areas for improvement. Additionally, our pupils are encouraged to reflect on their choices and act upon feedback, which promotes critical thinking.

By aligning our aims with the National Curriculum and incorporating these four core areas into our art and design curriculum, we ensure that our pupils receive a well-rounded education that facilitates their artistic development, nurtures their individual creativity and upholds our values of “all valued, all achieving, all equal”.