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Early Years

At Great Bridge Primary School, our Early Years curriculum is broad, balanced and rich in memorable experiences that include exciting opportunities, appropriate levels of challenge and lots of exploration.  It is closely linked with our school vision, so they feel safe, happy and valued. Our aim is to build strong foundations by nurturing a love of learning in all children so that even our youngest pupils are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for them to thrive in the next stage of their education. 

A strong emphasis is put on the prime areas of learning, especially Communication and Language.  We provide an engaging curriculum that maximises opportunities to develop children’s early reading and maths skills. We understand the huge importance of fostering a love of reading at an early age to help children develop essential early reading skills.  We ensure meaningful cross-curricular links and learning experiences because we believe that high-quality interactions lead to improved outcomes for children.  Our curriculum is planned to ensure there is a progression of skills, but the content can be flexible, allowing us to follow children’s interests, fostering a love of learning.

We create a language-rich environment and our quality interactions with the children help them to develop into clear, confident and independent communicators. Our carefully planned curriculum and provision help children to develop a love of learning and enquiring minds through a suitable mix of adult-led and child-initiated activities. Challenging and engaging skills based on continuous provision allows children to engage in ‘exploration’ through a variety of experiences, carefully planned to revisit prior learning, engage and extend. We observe the children and take time to get to know them well. We want them to trust us and feel safe. Any gaps in their skills and knowledge will be identified, and we will provide extra help and support as it is required.

We want families to remember that our environment is warm and welcoming. We will always listen, answer questions and offer support. We promote positive relationships between staff, children and their families – this is of the greatest importance to us!