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English at Great Bridge Primary School

At Great Bridge Primary School, we are dedicated to nurturing confident, articulate, and skilled individuals who have a thorough understanding and appreciation for the English language and literature. Our curriculum has been tailored to align with the National Curriculum, ensuring that all pupils acquire the essential skills and knowledge for effective communication, fluent reading, comprehension, and accurate and creative writing.

Our ultimate aim is to instil a lifelong passion for writing in every child, fostering a deep comprehension of texts and the ability to critically engage with various genres and writing styles. We are committed to enabling all pupils, irrespective of their starting points or backgrounds, to reach their full potential as independent writers who not only comprehend information but also communicate effectively with clarity and purpose.

We have based our English curriculum on the following principles:

  • High Expectations: At Great Bridge Primary School, we believe that every child can achieve excellence in English, regardless of their starting points or background. Clear structure to English lessons?
  • Broad and Balanced: Our curriculum encompasses a diverse range of genres, texts, and contexts. We utilise the Read, Write, Inc. programme to support phonics and early reading, thereby enabling students to develop strong foundational skills. Additionally, we incorporate a wide selection of age-appropriate core texts, encompassing both traditional and contemporary literature, to enhance students' cultural capital.
  • Language Development: Language development forms a central focus at our school. We place great importance on building vocabulary, grammar, and sentence construction skills, as they serve as the foundation for effective communication and comprehension across all subjects.
  • Equality and Inclusion: Ensuring that our English curriculum is accessible and inclusive for all students is of paramount importance to us. We actively celebrate diversity in literature and provide targeted support for students with additional language needs. Our commitment to equality and inclusion is encapsulated in our school values: "all valued, all achieving, all equal."

We have meticulously designed and planned a comprehensive English curriculum that aligns with the National Curriculum. This curriculum has been developed in collaboration with Melanie Glazzard, a literacy expert from the National English Hub, incorporating her expertise along with the implementation of the Read, Write, Inc. programme. By tailoring the curriculum to the specific needs of our pupils, we ensure they receive a high-quality literacy education. Our curriculum incorporates a wide range of excellent fiction, non-fiction, and poetry texts, skilfully selected to engage and challenge learners while enhancing their reading skills and broader cultural knowledge. Furthermore, the curriculum reflects our school values of "all valued, all achieving, all equal," emphasising our unwavering commitment to inclusivity and equality.