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Geography at Great Bridge Primary School

At Great Bridge Primary School, we are dedicated to providing a geography curriculum that sparks curiosity, promotes understanding, and develops a sense of place amongst our pupils. Our goal is to expand their knowledge and skills across various geographical concepts and nurture a deep appreciation for the world around us. We firmly believe that geography plays a pivotal role in answering questions about the natural and human aspects of our planet.

To ensure a comprehensive coverage of geographic knowledge and skills, our curriculum aligns with the National Curriculum for Geography. It offers a balanced approach to locational knowledge, human and physical geography, and geographical skills. Our ultimate aim is to foster a love for geography and cultivate responsible global citizens. This year, we have introduced the Rising Stars Geography Curriculum to enhance our humanities offerings. This program ensures continuity and progression, building upon the pupils' prior learning and helping them develop a strong understanding of key geographical concepts.

Geography Primary Curriculum - Online Teaching Resources

Our carefully designed curriculum provides a broad and well-rounded coverage of geographical knowledge and skills throughout the primary years. Through our curriculum, we strive to achieve the following:

  • Understanding Diverse Places: Develop pupils’ understanding of various places, landscapes, and environments on both local and global scales.
  • Cultural Appreciation: Nurture an appreciation for different cultures and people, promoting respect and empathy amongst our students.
  • Critical Thinking and Enquiry: Encourage critical thinking and geographical enquiry skills, empowering students to ask questions, solve problems, and make well-informed decisions.
  • Sustainable Development: Promote sustainable development and raise environmental awareness, empowering our students to become responsible global citizens.
  • Local and Global Studies: Incorporate local and global studies into our curriculum, allowing students to make connections between their own lives and the wider world.
  • Embracing Multiple Perspectives: Encourage pupils to explore diverse perspectives on global issues, fostering empathy, understanding, and appreciation for different cultures, traditions, and environments.

Our ultimate aim is to nurture a curiosity and fascination with the world and its people in our children. We strive to cultivate their interest in and understanding of diverse people and places as reflected in our school community and embraced by our values of "all valued, all achieving, all equal." By doing so, we hope to inspire a lifelong love for geography that will remain with our pupils throughout their lives.