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Maths at Great Bridge Primary School

At Great Bridge Primary School, our aim is to deliver a high-quality education that cultivates a lifelong curiosity and understanding of mathematics. This creative and highly interconnected discipline has evolved over centuries to provide solutions to history's most fascinating problems. Not only is mathematics essential in everyday life, but it is also fundamental to science, technology, engineering, financial literacy, and most employment opportunities.

As a school, we embrace the principles of inclusivity and equality through our commitment to being "all valued, all achieving, all equal." Therefore, we work towards implementing an accessible and progressive mathematics curriculum, aligned with the National Curriculum and the DfE's ready-to-progress criteria. To achieve this, we have adopted the White Rose Maths approach, which enables our teachers to deliver high-quality mathematics instruction. These resources are carefully scaffolded to meet the individual needs of all our pupils.

Our focus is ensuring that all children:

  • Experience an inspiring and motivational mathematics environment, filled with rich experiences that develop an enjoyment and curiosity for the subject.
  • Have access to a mathematics curriculum that caters to their needs and equips them with the necessary skills for their future education.
  • Become independent and capable mathematicians, possessing the confidence and skills required to perform calculations fluently, reason confidently, and solve problems effectively.
  • Receive daily mathematics lessons that follow a logical sequence of incremental steps, as outlined in the White Rose Maths (WRM) scheme of learning.
  • Progress through the program of study at a similar pace as their peers, based on both their understanding and readiness for the next stage.
  • Benefit from engaging resources, provided by White Rose Maths, which enhance their learning experiences.

Through our commitment to excellence in mathematics education, we aim to foster a genuine love for the subject amongst our pupils. By equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently apply mathematical concepts in real-life contexts, we strive to prepare them for success in their future endeavours.

Further Engagement

The use of engaging online resources, including ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ and ‘Numbots’, help children embed key facts into their long-term memories. Children need to develop some degree of automaticity with these number facts in order to free up their working memory for more challenging tasks, allowing them to develop their problem-solving and reasoning skills.

In particular, times tables serve as a building block for higher-level maths concepts. With a strong understanding of multiplication, children will also be able to succeed with topics such as division, fractions, algebraic equations, and more. Times tables are central to KS2 Maths and need to be embedded by Year 4 in order for pupils to practice and cement this skill. Otherwise, pupils will struggle as they prepare for their KS2 SATs and beyond.

To find out more, please explore the parent guides at Parents & Carers – Times Tables Rock Stars (