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Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education

PSHE at Great Bridge Primary School

The aim of Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education (PSHE) at Great Bridge Primary School is to provide a well-rounded education that meets the needs of our pupils, helping them thrive in the modern world. Our goal is to develop confident, responsible, and well-informed individuals who can make healthy and informed life choices. We want our students to have a positive sense of self, respect for others, and the ability to make informed decisions.

Our PSHE curriculum aims to:

  • Promote the spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development of our pupils, fostering respect and understanding for diversity, and encouraging them to become active and responsible citizens.
  • Equip our pupils with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their health, relationships, and personal well-being, enabling them to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Provide opportunities for our pupils to develop resilience, empathy, and effective communication skills, enabling them to build positive relationships and manage conflict.
  • Establish strong foundations and improve pupils' financial literacy, helping them understand the economy, money management, and the world of work.
  • Address societal issues and challenges such as online safety, mental health, substance abuse, and healthy lifestyles, preparing our pupils to navigate the complexities of modern life.

RHE at Great Bridge Primary School

Relationships and Health Education (RHE) is an integral part of our PSHE curriculum. Together, they have been designed to be comprehensive, relevant, and engaging for all students, taking into consideration the statutory requirements as set out in the National Curriculum, the age of our children, their cultural backgrounds, and their specific needs. We have planned and sequenced the curriculum to ensure a logical progression of learning, building upon previous knowledge and skills. Our curriculum model is based on the PSHE Association and takes a thematic approach to primary PSHE education, covering all three core themes of the Programme of Study:

  • Health and Well-being: We aim to support students in developing a positive attitude towards physical and mental health. Our curriculum explores topics such as healthy eating, physical activity, emotional well-being, and relationships. We provide opportunities for discussion, reflection, and the development of strategies to maintain good health and manage challenges.
  • Relationships: Building healthy relationships is fundamental to our students' personal growth and well-being. Through our PSHE curriculum, we facilitate discussions on friendships, family, respectful relationships, consent, and online safety. We also provide guidance on managing conflicts and dealing with bullying or harassment.
  • Living in the Wider World: Preparing our students to become active, responsible citizens is a key focus of our PSHE curriculum. We explore topics such as British values, diversity, equality, democracy, and global citizenship. We encourage students to become informed and critical thinkers, empowering them to positively contribute to their communities and wider society.

RSE Recourses for Schools

Through our PSHE curriculum, we strive to promote our school values of "all valued, all achieving, all equal," by celebrating diversity, equality, and inclusion, and to prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities they may encounter in the future.